It’s usually a challenge to migrate long codebase from one programming language to another, and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. In case you are using Java and need to apply a machine learning model from scikit-learn, this tutorial may help you.

We are going to use 3 libraries for this purpose: scikit-learn, sklearn2pmml, and pllm4s. To help manage data, we’re also using other libraries, but you can replace them, if needed.

How the code looks like

To export the model, we have simple steps, like described below. In this example, we are using regressor in the PMMLPipeline class, but you can use a classifier…

This article aims to build an API for face recognition using Dlib library for Python. To create the API, we are going to use Flask framework for Python 3. For the purpose of being simple, we are going to deploy this API into Heroku environment, which provides simple steps that we can easily follow, even not being any expert in the area. Docker will help us with our heaviest dependencies. Shall we start?


Dlib is a library built in C++ which provides a variety of machine learning algorithms, and some of them are related to image processing. The library provides…

Jhonatan Silva

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